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This is Jon.  He is the foundation of our operation.  He is the old boy that has spoiled us.  He has the nicest well rounded babies that are proving they can excell in every area.  He has colts that have won National titles in the extreme cowboy races, winning in the Reined Cow horse events, barrel racers, team ropers, breakaway ropers, ranch horses, and trail horses.
                                           Jewl's Leo Bars
                         Colonel Freckles
                                          Christy Jay
        Nu Cash
                                           Nu Bar
                          Nu Rendition
                                           Doc's Rendition
Nu Remin Cash
                                           Doc's Remedy
        Gypsy Reminic
                                          Tonto Bars Folly
                          Tonto's Gypsy Bar
                                           Gypsy Seven

sold - Gelded 8-2018

Duallin Smart

AKA:  Buddy


This colt has the best disposition and tons of talent.  He is so fun to ride and easy to train.  He is so willing to do whatever you want.  Very exciting to see how he does this year.  He is a 2012 red roan.


                                        Peppy San Badger

                       Haidas Little Pep

                                        Doc's Haida


                                        Docs Sugs Brudder

                       Brudders Sunday Best

                                        Sunday Cardinal


Duallin Smart


                                              Dual Pep

                           Hootchy Kootchy Man

                                              Times One

            CR Hootchy Kootchy

                                              Smart Lil Ricochet

                           HBD Smartlilskeeter

                                              HBD Susie  Blue

Mr Carribean Blue

2013 Bay Stallion

This is a 2013 bay colt that we bought.  We love his breeding and his looks.  He is going to be a big hansome feller that can get around.


                                             Nu Cash

                        Nu Chex To Cash

                                             Amarilla Chex

         Severence Chex

                                             Pepitos Primero

                        Peppys Fanta

                                             La Fanta


Mr Carribean Blue


                                             Nu Cash

                         Tucker Cash

                                             Jezebelle Tucker

         Sans Tucker

                                             Dry San

                         Dry Sans Riches

                                             Get Rich Girl

Skeets Lil Cocktail

2017 Palomino Stallion

This guys pedigree, build, and personality says it all.

He is doing great under saddle and is very gentle. He is very stout and getting to be pretty tall. As you can tell by the photos he is growing so he does look down hill but will grow out of it. We cant wait to see what his colts will be!

                              Nu Chex to Cash

                Wimpys Little Step

                               Leolita Step


                               Hollywood Dun It

                Seven S Mimosa

                               May Day Hobby


                               Peppy San Badger

                Skeets Peppy

                               Tivios Miss Skeet

     Peek A Boo Skeet

                               Sparkin Hot

                Cracklin Hot Dew

                               Smart Taris Peppy

Streakina Fast Lane

2018 Buckskin Colt

Bugatti is a super sweet, gentle, quit, big colt. He is a little different for are program but are daughter talked us into him. She is going to high school rodeo on him and then cross are cow horse mares on him. We are super exited to see what he and his colts will be like!

                                                                            Streakin Six

                                                           A Streak Of Fling

                                                                              Moon Fling

                                          A Streak Of Fame

                                                                             Dash Ta Fame

                                                            Short Penny

                                                                               Short And Dusty


                                                                             Lanes Leinster

                                                             King Of The Lanes


                                           Lanes Bonnie Sue 

                                                                             Docs Dry Monkey

                                                              ST Dry San Annie

                                                                             Sheza Double Doc

 Contact Information:

                                            E-Mail: cowhorses@atcnet.net

Kirk's Cell: (208)681-0333

Charlotte's Cell: (208)681-0993              

House: (208)527-3986                                                        

Kassidy's Cell:  208-397-8982 - She is the one that knows them all!               

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Kassidy & Jon

Kassidy thinks she has to ride them all. She has been bugging us about riding Jon so finally in 2012 we let her ride him. He hasn't been rode in 10 years, but he hadn't forgot a thing.