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18 year old POA (Pony Of America)

This is the best pony ever!  She does everything.  Great with beginner to advanced riders.  When they are done learning to ride on her they are ready to move on to their next big project.  She is amazing!

Sold - Thank you Jeremy Morris. Hope you are enjoing her!

We have owned Sparklie for  6 years and both the girls are outgrowing her.  Kassidy got Sparklie for Christmas in 2009.  Kassidy was 3 and wanting a horse.  Sparklie has taught both the girls everything they know.  They both showed her in the Central Idaho Horse Show Circuit.  Placing in more classes than I can list.  They showed her in Pleasure, Equitation, Trail, Barrels, Poles, and Reining.  She has taught them to work cows and buffalo and how to rope.  She is great out in the hills or doing whatever a kid might ever do with her.  They can clean her feet out, ride her bareback, clip her, bath her, and she has great feet.

Videos Taken 6/19/15

Video Taken 6/24/15

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