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Horses For Sale

These are the only aged horse we have for sale at this time.  The 2023 babies are on their own page under the horses for sale tab. You can see most of their moms on our Broodmare page and get a full pedigree on their moms.  Full pedigrees for the stallions will be on the stallion page.   Please give one of us a call if you would like more info or have any questions.


Don't see what you are looking for give us a call.  We will be glad to assist you.

Dozer - 2009 Sorrel Gelding   $15,000

Dozer is a been there done that kind of horse.

He is a 1/2 draft.

He is super talented for a 1/2 draft

We use him for everything and to busy to get many pictures of him.


Zee Pale Ale - $20,000

Aka: Boe - 2017 Palomino Gelding

If you are in need of a quite, easy goinng gelding to go rope, use on the ranch, or just have a reliable ride, Bobo is your guy. This horse is an in your pocket type with a great personality. He is always there to meet you at the gate and follow you around the pasture. I have breakawayed on him all summer and heeled on him here and there.  I have taken him with me to different rodeos and jackpots, but I have not entered him. He is ready to go, and enter now. 

                      Mr Baron Red

    Reds Little Joe

                      Watch Joes Song


                     Gallo Del Cielo

     Estrella Del Gallo


                      Hollys Terror

                                     Hollys Dun Lady

Nu Dry Chex -$18,000

Aka: Squirrel - 2008 Brown Gelding

Squirrel has been my #1 for years in high school rodeo. He is an outstanding heel and breakaway horse. He is quite in the box, breaks hard and flat, and stops hard. With that being said, he does have quirks, but nothing that will get you hurt. He is always honest and true to the job he is doing. His right front was nerved in spring of 2023, but he feels good and it does not affect him. Since he has been my #1 and taken such good care of me I am going to do the same in return for him and be picky about where he goes. I hate to sell him, but is the bussines I am in. 

                      Nu Cash

    Nu Remin Cash

                      Gypsy Reminic


                     Dry Double

     Miss Double Chex

                      Pay Chex Annie


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